Why this food plan?

Tasty nutritious meals designed to nourish your body, reduce treatment side effects and strengthen your immune system.

Feed Yourself Better

Our meal plans help people diagnosed with cancer by providing crucial nutrients the body needs while undergoing treatment. We also provide meal plans for people living with chronic disease and people who want to eat healthier 

Our meal plans are intended to be a complementary part of a patient’s healing arsenal. 


Cancer-fighting plant-based food

Our recipes use primarily plant-based organic foods which are not sprayed with fungicides, herbicides and pesticides. There is clear scientific evidence researched from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPICstudy  one of the largest cohort studies in the world, with more than half a million (521 000) participants recruited across 10 European countries and followed for almost 15 years, that certain organic foods have the ability to fight cancer, help reduce toxicity of cancer treatment and actively build the immune system to help destroy cancer cells. These foods are crucial to help fight disease.

Proven Science and Ongoing Research

People who eat a diet of mostly fruits and vegetables have a much lower cancer rate than those who don’t. This has been well known for over a century, but only recently have we uncovered the scientific basis for it. Measuring biochemical events on a molecular level has identified many ways the components of fruits, vegetables,spices and herbs inhibit cancer formation.

More exciting still is the discovery and research of Phytochemicals. Found in edible fruits, plants, herbs and spices, Phytochemicals can have extreme toxic effect on cancer cells and may slow or stop tumour blood vessel development. They also help reduce the toxicity of  chemotherapy and  radiotherapy