Our Story

Tasty nutritious meals designed to nourish your body, reduce treatment side effects and strengthen your immune system.

Here Because We Care

We are passionate about improving the health of our communities. 

Delivering wellness one box at a time

Taste It is a food meal kit delivery company, serving people diagnosed with cancer and people motivated to improve and maintain their health

Our experience, coupled with clear scientific evidence, has shown that patients well fed with organic whole food, plant-based meals have an improved quality of life and increased chances of a full recovery.


Good For You

A fundamental activity, like cooking and eating well can provide more than nourishment; it can offer a huge psychological boost. Customers will learn about plant based nutrition as they cook tasty meals. They’ll know where to access organic whole foods and when they no longer need our services we will have achieved our mission.

The Taste It Team

Taste It was developed by Wayne Borell who has a keen interest in Nutrition with people impacted by cancer. His experience revealed that the majority of cancer patients were not eating well and had little knowledge of nutrition as an aid to recovery.

So Wayne immersed himself in cancer nutrition research, which led him to study post graduate nutritional science with a special interest in phytochemicals.  Found within plants, fruit, spices and herbs phytochemicals have anti-cancer, antioxidant, anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties.


Combining the Right Ingredients

Taste it has partnered with a number of experienced chefs to create tasty nutritious meal plans.

“Our business will translate cancer fighting nutritional recommendations into delicious nourishing meals.”

We are a social enterprise business. A percentage of our profit will go towards funding community garden projects and community plant based whole food cooking workshops.